Gain proof of mastery in lighting, posing, composition, and more.

Join the only certification
for maternity, newborn, & family photographers

Learn from the best to be your best.

You don’t have to DIY your way to success.

We DIY solutions, watch free tutorials, and hustle every day to better our craft.

But sometimes, it’s just not enough.

Being self-taught brings up feelings of doubts, comparison, and imposter syndrome. You never feel good enough, so you charge less than you’re worth, work yourself to the bone, or give up altogether.

That’s why I created the Sandra Coan Certification. To give talented photographers the skills they need to succeed and provide them with proof of mastery.

Get certified. Be confident.

The photography industry is full of kick-ass self-taught photographers. 

Certification matters.

At the end, you’ll be a Sandra Coan–Certified photographer, and will be featured on our official list of certified photographers.


Gain the opportunity to attend exclusive in-person workshops and a members-only retreat to build industry connections and develop professionally


Get 1:1 feedback from Sandra on your work in addition to group coaching and portfolio critiques, so you can improve your art and shoot more consistent results.


Sandra will give guided lessons on specific topics for success as a professional photographer: lighting, posing, processing, branding, and marketing.




“I came into this certification to help shed the dreaded imposter syndrome, and I feel it peeling off of me with every session!”

Learn the technical skills you need to hone your craft, bring your artistic vision to life, and raise your prices.

Invest in your business and yourself.