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How to Find Photography Clients

This image shows the title "How TO Find Photography Clients" and depicts Sandra Coan holding her Rolleiflex camera.

Are you a a maternity, newborn and family photographer who is struggling to find paying clients?

Then you, my friend, have a communication problem. This week on the podcast we’ll talk about how to communicate who you are and find your ideal photography clients.

As a photographer, you communicate about who you are and what you do to your potential clients in two ways, with your work and with your words.

The work you share, in your portfolio, on your websites, on Instagram, teaches potential clients who you are and what they can expect to get from you if they hire you.  Showing consistent work builds trust.  And trust always leads to sales.

The words you share, how you talk about what you do and what you have to offer takes that trust to the next level. What you share in writing, has the power to position you as an expert at what you do and as authority in your industry.  When used strategically, what you say on your websites, on your blogs and on social media can boost your SEO, so more people can see you!

Your work and your words work together to market your business.  So if you are struggling to find clients, chances are you have a problem with one, or both, of those things.

So lets talk about how to identify the problem and then how to fix it.

Start by taking a hard look at your portfolio. 

Is the work you are sharing consistent?  Does it all look like it was captured by the same photographer?  Do you have a signature style that you show on the regular?  Are you able to provide the same quality work to each and every client who stands in front of your camera, regardless of the time of day, time or year, or location you are working in?  

If the answer is no to any of those questions, or if you answered I’m not sure, then chances are you have a problem with your work.

To run a successful photography business, and to attract and pull in paying clients you need to show professional quality work.  That means you need to know and understand light, you need go-to poses, and you need consistent editing. Every image in your portfolio needs to look like it was captured by the same photographer, it needs to be consistent.

Consistency is key.

Friends, a lot of people struggle with this.  So if you feel like you have a problem with consistency, know that you are not alone! And also know that this is an easy problem to solve.

If you feel like you lack consistency in your portfolio, do the work to improve your technical skills.  Study lighting, work on your posing and your processing.  Those three things together, is how you up-level your portfolio and build a signature style.

Let’s look at your online presence.

Look at your website, you blogs and your social media.  Are you using those platforms to write about things that matter to your clients?  Are you educating them and answering their questions?  

Maybe your website doesn’t have a lot of words, maybe you don’t have a blog, maybe your instagram captions are vague. Do your captions look something like, “How cute is this baby?” Does your marketing copy (what you are writing about) sounds super salesy? If any of that is true, you may have a problem with your words!

Start by getting in your clients shoes. 

Think about the questions they ask you, the things they are worried about or that they would want to know, and write about that.

So, if you are a newborn photographer, write about what to wear to a newborn session, what to expect from a newborn session, best ages, newborn safety, those sorts of things!  

If you are not finding clients, and you honestly do not know why, ask for help. 

Seriously, self-diagnosing is hard!  

Send me a DM on Instagram, or better yet, fill out an application for SCC.  Applications for that program are currently open, and as a part of the application, I ask for you to share your website and your IG and you’ll be prompted to schedule a call for me. I’ll let you know where your problems are, if there are any, and how to fix them.

So take a moment right now and apply for  SCC.

The applications takes a few minutes to fill out!

I take a holistic approach in that program and teach you everything you need to know to make sure you work and your words and of a professional quality!