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Meet Sandra Coan Certified Photographer, Rebecca Hunnicutt!

Rebecca Hunnicutt is a Portland, OR family photographer and photography educator who joined Sandra Coan Certification in May of 2023 and earned her certification in January of 2024.

Rebecca has a gift for incorporating color and composition into her work and I am honored to have her on our Certified Photographer Directory. 

This is what Rebecca had to say about her experience in the Sandra Coan Certification Program.

What inspired you to join the Sandra Coan Certification program?

“I wanted to learn how to create natural looking light with strobes and flash, in a supportive community where I could ask questions and get feedback. The certification inclusion of business content and community were the icing on the cake!”

What hesitations, if any, did you have about signing up?

“The program was new when I joined…and my style of photography is very different from Sandra’s so I wasn’t sure how that would fit in the overall vision for the certification program. But with time I learned what was important was not becoming a carbon copy of Sandra’s work, but a photographer certified by her and recommended by her because of one’s skill and talent.

Did the program meet your expectations?

“Yes!! I also loved having the opportunity to teach within the program.”*

*Sandra Coan Certified Photographers are given the opportunity to become Sandra Coan Certified Instructors and teach at our in-person retreats!

What was your biggest takeaway from the program?

“How we all have a signature lighting style weather utilizing natural light or strobes/flash, and how important and valuable it is to have go-to poses for consistency and ease at sessions. 

I had previously learned the business aspects from Sandra through her Six-Figure Studio class and her business mastermind, Amplified, and I utilized Sandra’s methods of marketing daily to grow my business. 

Sandra gives her students the confidence that they can be successful business owners and photographers and meet their goals.”

How have you and your business benefited most from this program?

“I was able to quickly incorporate the use of strobes into my school photography work, create consistent images, troubleshoot without overwhelm, and I no longer worry about the weather when heading to a school picture day!”

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Rebecca’s work is truly inspiring!

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